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          It’s so exciting to see the changes that are taking place on our lovely planet. You won’t see this information in mainstream media because the dark energies; the illuminati, the cabal, the bad guys that want us to stay in fear and negativity are still in control of what we are told. However there are websites out there that inform us of all the benevolent things that are occurring. This may seem strange to some people but there is talk of benevolent beings from other parts of the galaxy that love us and want to see us evolve. There are many unrelated sources that talk about this. Influence from these beings has its limits because it’s against the rules to impose on the free will of humanity. However one source states that they now have permission to stop any nuclear warfare. Now that is great news!

          I must say that if all these sources that I have listed on this blog are real and true, we have our part to do. Just say that all of these events happen, the illuminate is gone and good governments, corporations, food companies, health industries, etc. manifest…….for the benefit of Humanity…….so what then?  We have to start addressing our own shadow self and start retraining our brain.

 Fear is the mind killer! Mainstream media, (CBS, NBC, ABC, and CNN) are manipulated by the dark energies to keep us distracted and in fear. There are a lot of new sources of information that are exposing these lies., and are a few sites that inform the truth. They call the mainstream media mentioned above “fake news”. 




06/12/2017 9:12am

You are right. It's always awesome to observe these amazing changes.


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